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Fixed-Rate investments

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This is a bouquet of fixed return investment that enable investors to enjoy fixed and regular return on their investments. Our Fixed Rate Investments allow investors to manage uncertainties associated with other investment options like equities. Whatever category of investors you belong, there is a fixed rate investment that suits you.

Unbiased and in-depth investment analysis.

Objective analysis of the financial market

An Independent Investment Research Solution

Watershed Eggheads is an investment research solution. We provide an authoritative source of unbiased investment and economic analyses and opinions. Our investment research service is totally ‘independent’. This independence allows us to render in-depth and uncompromised opinions and recommendations.

Research Scope

Our investment research scope covers:
– Investment Analysis,
– Economic Analysis,
– Company Analysis,
– Industry Analysis,
– Market Intelligence,
– Business Feasibility, and
– Business Planning

“Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity”

Carlos Slim

plan of action

3-Step Approach

Competent research is germane to the success of any business venture or investment hence, we deploy our research solution to unearth in-depth knowledge and drive competitive advantages for our clients across their various fields of interest.


Business environmental scan

We employ a top-bottom approach to investment analysis opinions and recommendations.


Objective and reliable data analytics

We employ both technical and fundamental approach to arrive at our unbiased and reliable opinion.


Quality and research-based Investment opinion

Our recommendations are products of well layout and proven investment research methodologies and approach.

We understand both global and domestic markets

With our strong aptitude for quality investment research, we are well positioned to ensure that value in real terms is added to your investments.

Why Egg-Heads?


Our bespoke investment research ensures optimum returns on your investment within the threshold of your investment objective and risk-return appetite.

Issues around reliable investment research

We offer investment advisory solutions to institutional investors, high net worth individuals, corporate organisations and the public sector with our developed unique investment strategies.

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