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Watershed Heritage: Watershed Heritage makes it possible for parents/guardians to grow wealth and secure the future of their children/wards. Giving your child quality training may be financially demanding as they grow. One of the easiest ways to prepare for a secure future for one’s children is by investing today for their tomorrow.

Underlying Assets:
  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Commercial Papers
  • Treasury Bills
  • Shares
  • Bankers’ Acceptance amongst others.
Product Objectives:
  • Sustainable wealth creation for offspring
  • Realistic cash-flow projection
  • Long-term wealth growth
Product Features:
  • Competitive return on investment
  • Minimum tenor of 36 months
  • Regular top-up available
  • Investment rollover available
Benefits to Investors:
  • Free Personal Finance Advice
  • Fixed and predictable return on investment
  • Investment Safety
  • Life Insurance Policy

We offer investment advisory solutions to institutional investors, high net worth individuals, corporate organisations and the public sector with our developed unique investment strategies.

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