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Watershed Fund Management Limited is a licensed fund/portfolio manager by the Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria. 

We offer a variety of professional asset management solutions spanning a wide range of various investment options across different segments of the financial market such as derivatives, equities, fixed income, digital assets and real estate. 

Our premium and bespoke investment solutions are offered to a diversified client base that includes institutions, corporations, high-net worth individuals, and other discerning investors. 

We offer traditional as well as alternative products and services in both domestic and foreign currency. 

Premised on our experience and expertise in the financial market, we have clearly distinguished ourselves with a strong drive to add value in terms to all our stakeholders. Based on our belief that wealth is created through great ideas and expertise preserves it, we offer a full-fledged investment solution to best serve our clients’ diverse and evolving needs. Our wealth creation and preservation prowess are premised on unbiased, in-depth and reliable investment research.

How we started

Since 2012

Watershed Fund Management was incorporated in 2007 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA 2004). Her business cuts across both the financial and real sectors of the Nigerian economy. The company formally commenced its operations on April 2013.  As a licensed Capital Market Operator, Watershed Capital has over time experienced tremendous growth and expansion in its business. With a vision to be appreciated as a world class investment banking firm, the company has grown from being an investment adviser alone to becoming a respected fund management company in Nigeria. As a licensed investment adviser, fund, and portfolio manager by the Nigeria Securities and Exchange Commission, we are poised to be a choice home of managed funds that promote sustainable development through social impact investment and sustainable finance.

“Courage taught me that no matter how bad a crises gets… any sound investment will eventually pay off”

Carlos Slim Helu

What makes us Different

Competitive Advantage


Our People

We have assembled a crop of young, dynamic, well-trained workforce with a good understanding of both financial and real sectors to deliver world class services to our clients


Customer Service Delivery

With our strong focus on customer service and pursuit of excellence in business, we are well positioned to ensure that value in real terms is added to your investments


Our Knowledge

With the combination of individual experiences of over four decades across the Financial Sectors, we boast of a deep understanding of financial transactions to help achieve our clients’ goals

This is why we excel

Our Success Factors

Investment Advisory Service

Paste your text herOur financial planning service provides bespoke investment advisory service that enables you to manage your family financial life more efficiently and cope with issues that could affect your financial resources. While life is full of uncertainties, a strategically planned life navigates through financial obstacles more easily and turns seemingly challenging financial
situations to financial independence and freedom. Through this service, our clients are assisted to have and enjoy better family life, college and retirement life. Client Satisfaction, Completed Transaction and Success Rate remains the Same.e 🙂

Experienced Professionals

Understanding of Domestic and Global Markets

Strong Research Capability

IT – Driven Processes

Timely Execution of Client Mandates

Client satisfaction
Completed Transactions
Success Rate

Let's help you build a better future

With a good perspective on history, we have a better understanding of the past and present, and thus a clear vision of the future.

our team of experts are here for you

Top, world-class minds working hand in hand to blend detailed technical analysis with fundamental approach and investor’s psychology.

We offer investment advisory solutions to institutional investors, high net worth individuals, corporate organisations and the public sector with our developed unique investment strategies.

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