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Premised on our experience and expertise in the financial market, we have clearly distinguished ourselves with a strong drive to add value in real terms to all our stakeholders. Based on our belief that wealth is created through great ideas and expertise preserves it, we offer a full-fledged investment solution to best serve our clients’ diverse and evolving needs.

Our wealth creation and preservation prowess are premised on unbiased, in-depth, and reliable investment research. We are poised to be a choice home of managed funds that promote sustainable development through social impact investment and sustainable finance.

Breaking Boundaries

Unique Investment Strategies

Great ideas create wealth, expertise preserves it.



We are driven by our vision to be appreciated as a world class investment bank



We are motivated by the goal of making you to enjoy full benefits of capital



We have great ideas about creating, growing, and preserving investor’s wealth

Our Speed to market approach distinguishes us

Value in Real Terms

Watershed Fund Managers offers bespoke investment advisory services to institutional investors, high net-worth individual and leaders of industry. Since inception, Watershed Fund Managers has established itself as the leading investment adviser to a number of high net-worth individuals and corporate organizations.

We have developed unique Investment Strategies spanning client profiling, portfolio restructuring, dynamic allocation, and extensive research. We blend detailed technical analysis with a fundamental approach and interpret investor psychology.

We deliver First Class service

We understand the domestic & global market, have strong research capability, IT-driven processes, and a wealth of experienced professionals.

We offer investment advisory solutions to institutional investors, high net worth individuals, corporate organisations and the public sector with our developed unique investment strategies.

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